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Oh Dear My....UMAT

In hindsight I don't know why I bothered doing it.. its not like 96+ ATAR is within my range
I am tried i have been awake since 5am
Did UMAT from 9am-1pm

Went to School to grab notes and essays from teacher 2.30-3
Tutor at brain 3.30-5.30

Math tutor at 6-8

FML I hate life so much right now
trials start in 2 DAYS!!!

I gained 2 KG!!! so fat now if only it went to my bust and not stomach >.<

on top of that i have been ignoring my bf because life if just to hectic right now T_T
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Happy Bday Retard Sister

I must work harder, I must not procrastinate anymore!!... I don’t think that will ever happen
anyways today was my sisters Bday …. I ate so much sushi I think I am going to die  >.<
I spent like $200 on her…. I am too nice =)
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Long Time no Blog

It has been a while since we had you join our lives; it has been a long road has it not?
We had our fun on the journey of life, but now it seems you have gone T_T
I remember you used to bite, pee on me, poo on me and runaway but since you then you matured,  you  learnt to understand and even became a mother!!
I wish I spent a longer time with you, I wish you were still by  my side, I am sorry I coulden’t protect you from the cat, I am sorry…….
Even though you have gone you will live on in my memories, I hope I life on in yours whist your in Bunny Heaven =(

BEAR BEAR Rest in Peace!! I will miss you forever and ever… T_T

I hope you lived

a very happy life

with Mao Mao

I hope you ate lots of food

You stupid little rabbit ILL MISS YOU indeed

It’s nearing your birthday =) I am sorry I can’t celebrate it with you this year due to my exams . It has been so long that we have been together and I hope we can celebrate a whole lot more.


The stress of school is really impacting on my socially and mentally. I am always depressed, angry, tired and just meh…! I keep thinking back to the old times where I didn’t care… where I was happy… Back to year 9 where school was  1x5 …those were the time.
Back them It was easy, there was no burden no stress, just fun-psh I mean look what I was doing in class? Very productive indeed. PS I miss you MAC computer room 16 GTHS *drools*


But whatever is next I will face, although I have kinda given up on my high aim, I am going to just take things as they come…. There is no use fretting……

Whatever..... Bleh Bleh Bleh 
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~~ Life is Bleh 1 week till Half yearlies

Ok Ok Ok

I failed to update you my poor blog… It has been over 1 month and I am deeply sorry please forgive my negligence..... I have been super busy with …

I love youuuu Taecyeon

Eating <3 Sashimi
Isn't it nice to look at sashimi, I wish I could eat it

And.. Drowning in Paper
Ahh save me !!save me!!

So here are the updates from photo day 2011

The day started with year 12 and I must say it was not the best…. ADVANCE LIFE SUCKS!!
We were given 5min to change from our formal picture to our muck up, yes we died.
The sun was 100000 degrees and the congregation of reflective white shirts meant your eyes will die whenever you had to look at the cameraman, which meant that most of us squint till our already small Asian eyes were not visible =(….. here I was hoping for a good year 12 photo .
Who's this hottie?

Anyways afterward we went to eat at Nado’s (don’t we love the free periods ^^)
Party for two? ($25) Now you see it
Now you don't =)
Masked Bandits

Crazy People 
Anyways on a end note I would like to say there was this pervert sitting across from us while we were eating... I am not sure if he sniped some photos 
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Shu Shu Shu Uemura???

Happiness can arise from the simplest of things, such as being with friends, going to the Bank to absorb all their cool air, falling asleep in English but to a girl nothing shouts happiness more than those unopened box of goodies XD .
I will like to devote this post to my recent SASA purchase courtesy of MICHELLE!!  Here it is tada
A Shu Uemura eyelash curler for only $15.80 USD

These things usually retail for about $50 last time I checked hehe ^^

I have noticed that in life it is the simple things that makes us the most happiest. Being surrounded by the ones you love and being loved for being you is what allows us to survive through the tough and hard pains of life such as the HSC. I don’t think I can live life without the humours of my friends and the support I get from my family. I hope we can all happily continue to help each other while walking the path of life!!

I can't live without........Your laughter
Your ugly face
Your Support and Love
 Thank you for always being there for me <3

Anyways I haven’t got much to rant on about today! Except in chem when we discovered our ester smelt more of nail polish remover than Banana ~Shame~
Ours were the only one that remained white how queer?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 2 comments By: CatYY


SCHOOL DAYS(there is a weird anime named school days- results in killing)

Ahh …the school Days begin and the pressure is yet again heavily placed on top of my shoulders. I think I need counselling and mental consolation  as I feel stressed and deflated >.<
The heat of the stupid weather makes me more irritated and less motivated to do work. I feel as though I’m wasting time and not sufficiently concentrating on the important aspects of study grrr…..
What makes it worse is that Poor old St George doesn’t have any aircon for students!! How idiotic is that??? How can we perform optimally in the 40 degree heat?? Kill me now !!
School is bugging me and now I hhave realised a problem in my career path and I am left with a tough decision.
Now I know that I will never get at 99.95 ATAR and is obvious that I will struggle to achieve anything beyond the marks 97-98. I am being realistic here and if all goes well this year I am expecting a 95ATAR.
I wanted to do PATHOLOGY in labs but I since then realised that YOU NEED TO DO MEDICINE FOR THAT!!!. Anyways the only hope I have of archiving my goal is to

1.       Get 99.95 ATAR (impossible)
2.       Do MEDICAL SCIENCE (94ish)@USYD and transfer to MED if I am able to maintain a D average
3.       Go to UWS with (95) for Med
What should I do?

On top of that I feel as though I’ve become more bitchy and stuck on a mode of Forever PMS where the repeated statements from my parents causes me to open the gates of hell ><. I feel so eh…. Irritated and stressed. I hate being asked stupid questions eg

“so it was hot last night?”- I was complaining to you it was hot no need to restate it

“you look tired, did you sleep?”- Yes I slept wonderfully in a room with hot air, ontop of that I was talking to you at 4 so obviously I did not sleep

“so you didn’t sleep because it was hot”- No dumb buthead I didn’t sleep because I felt a sudden urge to do something and stay up in the late hours to watch whatever is on tv!

Its these questions that annoy me especially if you know the answer …

Tomorrow is Chinese New year and this year I will be short on red packets=(
1.       Grandma is overseas
2.       Family is in china
3.       Rich aunty is nowhere in sight

So this means I will be spending it with
1.       -greasy hair, swat smelling hair due to the 36 degree weather (no washing hair)
2.       -no meat  (cool with that)
3.       my clothes smelling of incense and burnt paper money
  To everyone I wish them a

恭禧發財! 新年快乐
 And may they recieve many red pockets

On a more positive note
Being back at school does give me happiness and Joys
1.       Seeing friends and socialising
I mean who can resist Slapping Ellen, Trains with Vicky, Singing with Michelle, Liza hair, Texting on Lulu’s  phone, Groping Annie ^-~ and Seeing the Taoer? XD

2.       It has something to fill my day with, it pushes me to work. ^^

Anyways who likes words without photo's? Photospammm
Remember when rolled socks were deemed "cool"?

what's this?- you will never guess

Guesss?? they are the same thing

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Spamm My life for the Past 20 days

 12th of January Wednesday
11th Birthday Bash

It was my Young brothers 11th birthday. Oh and how much fun we had. We watched the lovely TRON LEGACY at Imax theatres and played endless amount of galaxy world. Dinner was composed of Pancakes on the Rocks and Lunch was Sushi Train ^^ <goodness how many calories was that> AHHH
and then desert was CAKE CAKE CAKE and more CAKE.
I hope you enjoyed you Birthday and hope you remember it for days to come <3 my Pork Chop brother hahaha
In all honesty TRON LEGACY IS A CRAP MOVIE… don't go see it....

Drive Drive Drive

It's All Mine!!!

Sushi Tower

Can we spot a pervert?

17th Of January Monday

With my family with me for the whole day who can complain? cough cough. Alright we decided to first go pray to the gods in the budda temple in the city. Let us not mention the toilet experience in a cubicle that was TOO close to Nature....
As we young kids trekked our way to the city hoping for a nice lunch/movie, dad suggested we go visit the Terracotta statues in the First Emperor exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW. So our day consisted of a hectic walk from Darling Harbour to Martin Place in the 30 degree sun. But as we go there I was glad we pushed forward, it was really something my parents thoroughly enjoyed. I saw them smile and laugh without much care, which is something I have missed. Not only were they smiling they were trying to outdo each other in naming all the pottery from the different dynasties . While they had fun doing that I sat at the Café with my awful coffee and enjoyed the scenery outside.
Once we were done we hiked our way back to Darling harbour (this time in 25 degree heat, the joys of 6pm) and got ready for dinner.
We headed to Surry Hills and tried  a restaurant called Yullis, ß not my style of eating but my sister seemed to enjoy it.  I am not a big fan of dishes that do not contain meat and are overloaded with obscure things. I’m ASIAN I need my rice haha Jokes
After an unsatisfying $70 dinner we headed back to Chinatown so my dad could by his infamous Free Range Chicken and we bought dessert.
I am glad we have these memories to keep forever. My dad’s addiction to Free Range Chicken and my sister’s persistence in Vegetarianism will be the stories that are passed through many generations.
So Hottt! 30 degrees.....

Asian Setting?

Plates are cool~

Bowl for my Mummy

Yullis~ Eggplant Roll things

20th of January Thursday

NEW years resolution was to keep fit.  So what better way to do it than Ice skating?
Early morning we headed towards Canterbury ice Rink with my friends from GTHS!
I’ve missed them soo much, It felt like I haven’t seen them in a century. Thankfully they are still the people  I grew to <3 so much.  Oh Felix thanks for your vomit in my toilet for NYE ><
Anyway here are the Pic’s
I was so proud of my brother he fell but got back up again ^^.

My Butt is Cold =(

Lower Mark You are to Tall

Why so Asian?

Look Mark you are the Lowest of them ALL!

Stupid Bird lied to me. It has 2 legs LIARRR

Luckily there were no Major Stacks, I always had a fear that if I fell that other peoples skates will slice through my fingers.
Later my Mr Pig and Pork Chop went to the city. We experienced the new Teapresso ? that opened up at Town Hall Station. Buy one get one Free =) what a deal ^^”
They had limited choice but if was still far better than easyway’s but still somewhat not as good as chatime. Dinner at Chat Thai and then Back to Work for me >< NOOOOOO

22nd of January Saturday

I know that somethings are not eternal, like life for example. It is transient and short lived and sooner or later we will face the road of sleeping forever. It is when we are alive that we can make an impression on those around us, allowing our lives to be passed on as meories . I don’t want to live my life not truly appreciating what god has let me have. Life is what you make of it, it is how you treat others and how you decide to make your mark on this world. It has been 3 weeks since I have spent time with my Grandparents and about 6 months since we have been to their house. With me not having to work, I decided that it was time to visit them. My brother and sister also headed with me on our confusing trip to Riverwood (shady place).
We ate a huge dinner with their friends, sat and talked about long forgotten photos and current Issues. There was a nostalgic memory that arose from the familiarity of having my grandparents around. I was mostly raised by them as my parents were busy making a living. I am very thankful that god has allowed me to meet them, has allowed me to understand them. I am very thankful that they love me so much and are willing to do so much for me and my siblings. As the years pass I am afraid that I won’t be able to see you, I question if you will be able to see my grandchildren? But in my heart you will always be treasured as my precious memories of love and happiness. I will Pass on your memories to my children  and hope that you will remain in this world as a warm memory =).
Grandpa and Grandma I hope you have a safe trip back and don’t forget about us!! I will see you again in 6 months ^^